Jackie Christie’s Daughter Says Draya’s Boo Orlando Scandrick Is Gay

All Rights Reserved. Powered by WordPress. We left off last week with Draya and Laura going at in the boxing ring at the MMA class and Laura getting a little too aggressive and beating the crap out of poor Draya. Obviously, Laura was upset at Draya after hearing that she was talking about her and her children and decided to let all her aggression out at once in the boxing ring. They took it to Google and found sexy pictures of Draya and a few old blog posts about her. Jackie and Laura decided they were going to print out the police report and share this new information with the rest of the group and eventually confront Draya. The ladies have brunch together where they discuss this new information on Draya. Everyone seems surprised except Imani, who informs the ladies that this is the reason that she called Draya worthless at the passion party.

Dragonfly is finally revealed on The Masked Singer

Basketball Wives alum Dray Michele is single and out on the prowl. The swimsuit line owner and friend to Kylie Jenner announced that she and her longtime boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick, have called it quits. Michele and Scandrick first began dating around She introduced him to her fans while she was still a cast member on Basketball Wives LA. While most of her castmates were supportive, Jackie Christi was not.

According to Chantel, she and Scandrick dated during the time he and Michele began seeing one another.

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Tonight on Basketball Wives we witness a relationship taken to the next level, marriage advice, party preparations, and a huge bomb being dropped! All four later meet up for dinner and in which Jackie shares stories of how she and her husband can relate to the stage of the relationship Brittish and Lorenzo are currently in. Relationships are getting serious for Draya this episode. Draya finally brings her son Niko on the show, in which she speaks with him about why they have been separated for the length of time that they have.

Niko acknowledges that he knows his mother did not want to take him away to L. Meanwhile, Draya celebrates her hot and steamy six month anniversary with her boyfriend Dallas Cowboys Cornerback Orlando Scandrick. Jackie is planning an upcoming party and enlisting help from Draya, Malaysia , and Brandi. Jackie then meets up with her daughter, Chantel, for conversation.

As we all know, Jackie and her daughter have a difficult relationship with one another. While catching up on her daughters life, she drops a huge bomb on Jackie that the guy she previously dated is now currently dating her friend. Compelled to tell her friend, Jackie meets up with Draya to tell her the jaw-dropping news. Before the show concludes, we see Draya denying the allegations to which Jackie then pulls out the evidence on her phone.

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THE BLACK BEAT: Draya Announces Break-Up With Boyfriend On Instagram

Jackie later confronted Draya to deliver the shocking news as Draya and Orlando were still dating at the time and had just celebrated their 6 month anniversary. Peep her shocking revelation below!! According to Hip Hollywood , which caught the entire altercation on tape, the reality stars got into a verbal altercation after Draya approached Sunday about comments she made about her during a recent interview.

This would not be the first time the two have gotten into it, as it was alleged that they got into another physical altercation just months ago in a club while taping for the new season, and it was reported that Draya gave Sunday a black eye during that scuffle.

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VH1 has us pegged for sure. As the summer wears on and reruns abound, we can count on reality shows to provide us with some new material and much needed drama. Enter the ladies of Basketball Wives: LA. If you want to create tension with the series veterans, by all means, join in the shenanigans! The episode begins with Malaysia Pargo redecorating her home in the midst of her divorce from Jannero Pargo , and Brandi Maxiell stops in to check up on her friend.

Across town, Jackie is meeting with year-old Mehgan James. Jackie is hoping that she can help Mehgan further her aspirations of becoming an actress. Mehgan wants to launch a pantie line, and Jackie finds her idea to be genius! True to form, Jackie is trying to form an alliance with the newbie so she has someone on her side when she has to face her alienated cast members.

Draya Michele has lived through her first fashion show and Malaysia and Brandi tout her success. She is in a relationship or at least she was when this episode was being filmed , and she thinks her coupled friends help her stay on the straight and narrow. Mehgan approaches the trio to congratulate Draya on her on the show and introduce herself to the crew. When Mehgan leaves, the girls speculate whether Jackie sent her to report back with some news.

Jackie is all about a product.

Chantel Christie Pregnant! Who’s Her Boyfriend?

Creator of the series, Shaunie O’Neal, announced that the series would be receiving a major update for the third season. Filming began in August , with new members added to the mix. Gloria Govan Barnes and her sister Laura Govan confirmed their exit with their own series possibly in the works.

Dragonfly is revealed on The Masked Singer as judge Jackie ‘O’ After taking off her mask, judge Jackie ‘O’ Henderson admitted to feeling like an ‘idiot’. mom as she takes daughter Vivienne to pick up school supplies (but does so in Twilight alum and the screenwriter have been dating for 13 months.

Through all the mess that is going on right now ,Draya continues to stand by her man, and let no one stand in her way. Draya has rejoined the cast of basketball wives for a second time. From jump it seem as though she could not catch a break from no one. She was 1st confronted by Ariane another member about dating her ex boyfriend , which was years ago. She was the confronted from another member sundy, who brought up Drayas pass life of being a stripper.

Draya who use to be a stripper name Miami is now trying to take the directions to get her life back on track to better her future for her and her son, so that pass life of hers should not matter. Sometimes i guess you pass seems to follow you to your present life. Recently Draya was confronted by another another member Jackie Christie, Drayas boyfriend having relations with her daughter. Jackie who dont have a good relationship with her own daughter, felt maybe this will be a good way to reconnect.

Actually this do anything but cause major tension between the 2 and also her self. So now you have family verse friends. Jackies daughter Chantal Christine has made claims stating that Orlando is a closet gay and that he is using draya to snag the cover of GQ magazzine. This has caused major beef between the two, and they have been at each others throat all on twiiter.

Basketball Wives Recap

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that there is a lot of drama surrounding Draya’s boyfriend, Dallas Cowboys player Orlando Scandrick, and Jackie Christie’s daughter Chantel. Chantel told her mother that Orlando tried to sleep with her while he was dating Draya. When confronted, Orlando tells Draya that Chantel isn’t his type and that he.

I can see why people would think that it was a faux pas, at least on principle. Plus, not calling even if you were planning on skipping the ceremony could be construed as being quite rude and unappreciative. Jackie revealed tonight that she had been married three times before marrying her husband Doug. I absolutely respect Draya for not going to th wedding. The ladies will soon realize that Draya is no lap dog and does her own thing.

Love her. Go Draya. I agree.

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After taking off her mask, judge Jackie ‘O’ Henderson admitted to feeling like an ‘idiot’. The radio star, 45, had previously called close pal Sophie to ask whether she was in fact Dragonfly on an earlier episode. Revealed: Dragonfly was finally revealed on The Masked Singer on Monday night’s episode, with judge Jackie ‘O’ Henderson admitting to feeling like an ‘idiot’. I am so sorry,’ Sophie, 40, told Jackie after having lied to her.

The war between Chantel Christie and Draya Michele continues to that the Dallas Cowboys baller was dating both women at the same time. key was fucking jackie daughter during the same time he was fkkin with draya.

As previously reported Jackie Christie shared text messages with Michele trying to convince her that her beau, Orlando Scandrick, was at one time trying to date her daughter while they were still together. That resulted in a blowup between Michele and a very defensive Chantel, who blasted the basketball wife and called her outside of her name.

Attempting to squash the issue completely, Michele then surprises Chantel and her mother at a local eatery with Orlando and confronts them about the ongoing drama. At one point he drops the b-word and Christie explodes. Kiss my ass, ugly, ugly motherf—-! Chantel Christie of course added her thoughts to the situation and criticized the football player for arguing with her mother. Beeyaach please! Baby, baaaaby! Shut up you dumb asses…Jackie got bucks and she can be what she wants, haters!.

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How ironic is this situation? From the Basketball Wives preview clip, we see that this situation is going to unfold in a big way on the show. It leaves me to wonder is this just made for tv drama?

Jackie Christie blames Draya Michele for stirring the pot and causing her to spit on Mehgan James. Subscribe to VH1.

Ronald Young 20 days ago. This list could take months to accumulate. Robert Garcia 3 days ago. Donald Hernandez 17 days ago. Who has draya michele dated Jason Hill 14 days ago. Connect with Basketball Robert Brown 1 days ago. Draya Michelle and Malaysia Pargo stopped by Power However, considering recent headlines with Draya you know they were going to also ask question outside the show. As far as theories that she along with her ex-boyfriend, Chris Brown, and his current girlfriend, Karreuche Tran, have threesomes Daniel Adams 3 days ago.

American socialite Draya Michele had enjoyed a public life since making it big on the TV, but so has her troubled relationship with on-and-off boyfriend, Orlando Scandrick..

Draya Michele SLAMS Chantel Christie

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Things are getting serious with Draya and her boyfriend Orlando Scandrick, but Jackie’s daughter has news that may rock Draya’s world. Meanwhile, Brittish’s.

She has so many titles to her name. She is an actress, a model, a fashion designer, a media personality, and a mom. How old is Draya Michele? Who is she dating? We take a closer look at the life of the multi-talented star and give answers to these questions. The actress has had a successful career which keeps getting better. She has featured in several films and has outdone herself in them all by delivering a spectacular performance.

Jackie Christie’s Daughter Blasts Draya Michele’s Boyfriend + Watch Basketball Wives LA, Episode 8

While Draya has never tackled the gossip head on, the story continued to float around and gained even more traction recently when Jennifer Williams brought it up during a clip on The Next 15 , where she and Laura are cast mates. Sidenote: Draya and Laura were also cast mates on Basketball Wives LA but the rumor was never featured as a main storyline. Well, Draya has had enough. Here is Draya ….. At 17 years old I got pregnant by a man who became incarcerated for 10 when I was 7 months pregnant.

Draya took to her Instagram to announce the news, citing failure to make it work as The pair made headlines when they often went head to head with fellow castmate Jackie Christie and her daughter, Chantel over cheating They Dated?

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Basketball Wives LA + Chantel And Draya Go At It + VH1