E.C. ATKINS & CO. Saw Crosscut Hand-Saw 8 TPI 26″

Log in or Sign up. Messages: A subject that has been avoided for a long time is a basic history of the E. Atkins Company, and dating of their product line. I was hoping that one of the very knowledgeable US-based collectors would have prepared something by now but I the meantime these notes are what I have been able to piece together from old catalogues and documents thanks to Viktor. Apologies to Simon, this is my first attempt at documenting this kind of thing. Atkins was purchased by the Borg-Warner Corporation in ; the factory at Indianapolis was closed in and operations were relocated to Greenville, Mississippi. The Nicholson File Co. Identifying an Atkins saw; Three styles of medallion nuts adorn products E.

antique vintage hand saws, Atkins Perfection saw w/ 1887 patent, lot of 4

There are a couple places on the property that I might still turn another one up. What I do know is that it is a beauty. I hope it saws as well as it looks. I like how the tote was made for the medallion to sit in deep, flush with the surface of the handle. If you enlarge the photo below showing the medallion just click on it , you can see a patent date.

Dating atkins saws. When these early medallions has webbing in separate sections in that the design bottom of antique china to this shorter name before a year.

Warranted Superior Saw. It also has a latin inscription. The wood on both saws has minor chips, with one larger chip on the back of the handle of the Atkins pictured. This formulation contains a high lubricity, low molecular weight PTFE fluoropolymer specialized for mold release and dry lubricant applications. Over on the Saws, using collecting, restoring buying forum, summerfi Bob asked the following question with the accompanying collage of warranted superior medallions: “I have a question about Warranted Superior medallions.

Re: Saw Identification Lots of saws came with medallions like that. I can’t find any maker’s marks on the plate or handle. All are rusty. Warranted superior saw. The blade on these saws is actually reminiscent of those old two-man saws used by loggers before the advent of chainsaws and gas-powered cutting machines in general. Any ideas will be appreciated.

Saw palmetto is an extract of the berry of the saw palmetto tree Serenoa repens that is native to Southeast North America. So what is the deal with Warranted Superior on saws? There are two very different usage of this statement.

Atkins Saw Dating – E.C. Atkins

Blade shape- some are rounded between the handle and cutting restoration, some are straight ish , most are round. Anything to do with years? Better hand made with ice wood-I thought all the older handles were made of dating. Apple earlier, and on the best saws, sometimes ice, then mostly beech.

The Warranted Extra medallion has a PAT’d 31 date. WOW Antique Wood Working Lot – Warranted Superior Saw Atkins Saws & Saw With Emblem On.

Some of them will have a button to click to see a Picture. Instead of having to load each image to continue, just scroll this list and click to see an image. This list has saws, and sharpening miscellaneous, especially for cross cut and hand saws. So, it is safe to give credit card information. Just click on Click To Order in any section, or right here.

USA medallion from the s. Great apple wood handle. The blade has some minor patina. PHILA medallion dates this one to after The apple handle is crisp, but has some minor scuffing and patina. Sheffield maker. Nice beech handle with split-nuts and lamb’s-tail return. Has been lightly cleaned.

A Nest of Saws

Also state, if possible, the character of lumber which is to be cut. Since all the saws that we sell are antiques, demand often outstrips supply. There is no evidence to say exactly where in the sequence from this medallion appeared. Scientific instruments of a delicate kind, necessary to the tempering process, were produced by the Atkins mind and hand.

A feed roller wears most, of course, where it does the most work.

Woodworking Saws for sale. some of the striation lines of wrought iron and has some bending and straightening that clearly date to the original period of use.

Nice apple handle with several short gauge cracks, seems very superior. No readable dating. Hand saw that should likely go to wor Atkins No. Blade is straight. Has no missing teeth. Wooden handle is in very good original silver, no cracks on it Vintage E. Atkins Two Man Crosscut Saw loop stye handles. Condition is Used. They are 10″ overall length. The loops turn for victor I amnot a saw collector. The saw has been used, judging by the looks of the handle, but the hand is in excellent condition and shows very little wear.

This saw has very good markings and it is in good condition. Overall length is approx 13″ and it has a good blade in it. It does not have breaks or patterns.

Indianapolis Collected: SAWS – a Halloween history tale

Atkins No. This age proclaims Atkins Saws to be the Atkins on Earth. In the equivalent of online reviews we have published reviews from the Manual Training, a journal for people who taught or ran schools for woodworking. Atkins ad from Manual Training So enough of the history and etch of craigslist The tote on this saw was in reasonably antique rex. The top shows the tote as found.

The middle shows the tools I used, and the bottom shows the results of the cleaning and shaping, but not finishing.

Atkins No. 51 Rip Saw. This is a later Atkins, probably dating to the ‘s. It includes pages of all sorts of tools- Stanley planes, Disston saws, machinist’s​.

Remember Me? What’s New? Results 1 to 12 of Thread: An Atkins it is, but which model? An Atkins it is, but which model? Hello everybody, This being my first post I believe I owe you all a short introduction. The name’s Kim. Being Finnish this also makes me a male, just so no one needs to ask. I share this very interest with all of you since about a year ago, and like most, I’m very badly bitten by the bug.

How to identify a valuable Disston handsaw

This company was best known for making handsaws, circular sawblades and bandsaw blades, but they also made grinders and cooperage machinery. Elias C. Atkins started business under his own name in An ad shows that he had licensed and manufactured patented designs for muley saws and crosscut saws.

Patents for E. C. Atkins & Co. Number, Date, Patentee, Title, Type. 9,, Jun. 21, , J.H. 17, , E.C. Atkins, Improvement in Saw Gages, saw gauges.

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Saw Restoration Part 1/Sharpening Preperation